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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Head of Sixth Form's Welcome

I'm delighted you are considering joining our Sixth Form. For full information on our entry requirements, our courses and other information please download o​ur prospectus.

DSHS Sixth Form Prospectus (2019) tab
​​If you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Mr J M Brook
Deputy Headteacher - Head of Sixth Form


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Useful Documents​

Application Form for External
30/01/2017 13:40
DSHS Sixth Form Prospectus (2019).pdf
05/10/2018 14:05
Russel Group Universities Statements on No AS Entries.pdf
05/10/2017 18:28

Sixth Form Subjects (Individual Pages of the Prospectus)​

Applied Science/Assets/Subjects/2019/Tiles/Applied Science.jpg
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Applied Science.pdfNew tab
Art, Craft and Design/Assets/Subjects/2019/Tiles/Art, Craft and Design.jpg
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Art, Craft and Design.pdfNew tab
Biology/Assets/Subjects/2019/Tiles/ Biology.jpg
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Biology.pdfNew tab
Business Studies
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Business Studies.pdfNew tab
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Chemistry.pdfNew tab
Computer Science/Assets/Subjects/2019/Tiles/Computer Science.jpg
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Computer Science.pdfNew tab
Design and Technology - Product Design/Assets/Subjects/2019/Tiles/Design and Technology - Product Design.jpg
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Design and Technology - Product Design.pdfNew tab
Digital Media (CTEC)/Assets/Subjects/2019/Tiles/Digital Media (CTEC).jpg
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Digital Media (CTEC).pdfNew tab
Drama and Theatre Studies/Assets/Subjects/2019/Tiles/Drama and Theatre Studies.jpg
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Drama and Theatre Studies.pdfNew tab
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Economics.pdfNew tab
English Language and Literature/Assets/Subjects/2019/Tiles/English Language and Literature.jpg
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - English Language and Literature.pdfNew tab
English Literature/Assets/Subjects/2019/Tiles/English Literature.jpg
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - English Literature.pdfNew tab
Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (BTEC)/Assets/Subjects/2019/Tiles/Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (BTEC).jpg
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (BTEC).pdfNew tab
Food Science and Nutrition (Level 3 Diploma)/Assets/Subjects/2019/Tiles/Food Science and Nutrition (Level 3 Diploma).jpg
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Food Science and Nutrition (Level 3 Diploma).pdfNew tab
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - French.pdfNew tab
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Geography.pdfNew tab
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - German.pdfNew tab
Government and Politics/Assets/Subjects/2019/Tiles/Government and Politics.jpg
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Government and Politics.pdfNew tab
Health and Social Care/Assets/Subjects/2019/Tiles/Health and Social Care.jpg
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Health and Social Care.pdfNew tab
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - History.pdfNew tab
Mathematics/Assets/Subjects/2019/Tiles/Mathematics [1].jpg
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Mathematics [1].pdfNew tab
Mathematics (Core)/Assets/Subjects/2019/Tiles/Mathematics [2] (Core).jpg
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Mathematics [2] (Core).pdfNew tab
Mathematics (Further)/Assets/Subjects/2019/Tiles/Mathematics [3] (Further).jpg
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Mathematics [3] (Further).pdfNew tab
Music (BTEC)/Assets/Subjects/2019/Tiles/Music [1] (BTEC).jpg
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Music [1] (BTEC).pdfNew tab
Music Performance (BTEC)/Assets/Subjects/2019/Tiles/Music [2] Performance (BTEC).jpg
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Music [2] Performance (BTEC).pdfNew tab
Philosophy and Ethics/Assets/Subjects/2019/Tiles/Philosophy and Ethics.jpg
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Philosophy and Ethics.pdfNew tab
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Physics.pdfNew tab
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Psychology.pdfNew tab
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Sociology.pdfNew tab
Sports and Physical Activity (CTEC) 1/Assets/Subjects/2019/Tiles/Sports and Physical Activity (CTEC) 1.jpg
/Assets/Subjects/2019/DSHS Sixth Form (2019) - Sports and Physical Activity (CTEC) 1.pdfNew tab
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